onsdag 12. januar 2011


To my readers from abroad
I see that I have gotten more readers from outside Norway. I appreciate that so much and find it both satisfying and I appreciate it so much. It is so much fun I know that my readers are from different places in the USA. I have been mentioned in several American blogs, and it is great that you are here :)

Who are you, you from abroad? Are you Norwegians that have moved out or did you “by accident” notice my blog? Who are you, those of you who read my blog from abroad?
From my blog map, I see that some of you live in Brazil, in the middle of the Amazonas. Who are you? I would love to know. Please let me know how you found my blog, and what you like about it. I would love to know :)

Anyway, I am very grateful and touched that you check out my blog, and I hope that you continue doing that. And if you have any wishes of what I should blog about, or any questions, please send me an e-mail on iguzman@start.no.

Again, I want to thank you, and hope that you will take your time to answer me.

And if you have a blog and never comented i hope you do !! I will pay you a visit and coment yours....that way i will come over some new fantastic inspiration.
Love, Irina.

4 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Fra Italia,Toscana,Firenze. Oslo"jente" bosatt her i 25 (!?!?) år. Bor i en 150 år gammel låve som vi restaurerer selv så jeg tror jeg dumpet borti deg mens jeg googlet etter noen gode råd :). Trine

Hellohello baby sa...

WOW! Look at that map! How cool is that!

I am eksited and qurious about your foreign reader too!

Please leave a comment everyone :)

driftwoodesign sa...

Vancouver Canada here, born and raised. Happened across your blog linked up to another blog not sure which I can't remember. I love your style and your furniture. I do furniture repurposing myself http://4theloveofwood.blogspot.com/ have a snoop around my blog. Have a wonderful day and keep up the great work.


1001natt sa...

Hei Irina!

Jeg vil gjerne gi deg "The Stylish Blog Award"!

The Stylish Blogger Award er en stafettpinne-utnevnelse.

Hvis du vil ta imot den må du:
* fortelle 7 ting om deg selv
* velge ut 15 fra din egen bloggroll og gi "The Stylish Blog Award" videre til dem
* linke en takk tilbake til bloggen du fikk "The Stylish Blog Award" av og gi beskjed til de 15 du velger om at de har fått en award!

Gratulerer, håper du vil ta imot, god klem til deg :)

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